Defiant Lobster Company

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Lobster Prices

All Lobsters Priced Per Pound

Chickens      $7.49/LB                                
1-1/4's         $7.49/LB                         
1-1/2's         $7.99/LB~~~SPECIAL!
Selects          $9.99/LB
Culls             $6.79/LB
Lobster Meat $39.75/LB

Steamer Clams     $4.99/LB
Oysters                  $1.50/Each
If you need something to cook them in, we sell AND rent lobster kettles!


Tell us the secret word or phrase when buying lobsters and we will enter you in a drawing for six chicken lobsters on July 4th. The secret password today is  HUMMINGBIRD.
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