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News and Happenings


 Late Autumn Colors
It is autumn now and we are not here all day, every day. Generally you can find someone around 8-9 AM, 12-1:30 PM and from 4-5 PM, but please call ahead to check; we are here weekends 8-5 PM.
Trees are ready for tagging or cutting now. If you need evergreen boughs for decorating call; I have a couple "cull" trees that need to come down and you can have the boughs for free.
Congratulations Sheryl Krol on winning six lobsters in our Labor Day drawing-next draw is Christmas Eve.

 Secret Word Contest
   When you buy lobsters and say the word or words of the day you are entered in a drawing for six free lobsters on Christmas Eve. Today's password is COLD PUMPKINS.
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We have put some good lobster recipes online for you to try. Go to the "Cooking" page and click the recipe link.

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