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Lobster Prices

All Lobsters Priced Per Pound

Updated 01/17/20

Secret Word Contest

Tell us the secret word/phrase when buying lobsters to enter the drawing for six chicken lobsters on July 4th. Today's secret word is  20/20 VISION.

Chickens (less than 1.20 pounds)   $7.99/LB

1-1/4's                                            $8.99/LB

1-1/2's                                            $9.99/LB

Selects (over 1.75 pounds)              $12.99/LB

Culls                                                 $6.99/LB

Lobster Meat                              $44.95/LB

Steamer Clams                          $5.99/LB

Oysters                                           $ 1.50 each